Meet our two four legged HPDL team members

Every day is a Bring Your Dog to Work Day at Hillside!


Friday 21st June is officially Bring Your Dog To Work Day, an annual nationwide event that aims to raise awareness for the welfare of dogs and also highlight the benefits a dog can bring to an office environment. Here at the HPDL office, we’re lucky enough to have two office dogs, who form an important part of our Product Design Consultancy business.  Today seems as good a day as any to tell you more about our four legged colleagues.

Gizmo is a 14 year old Collie. There’s nothing he likes more than to chill out on one of several dog beds he has around the office to be close to the bustling activity of daily office life. Gadget is the much younger two year old Collie with oodles of energy and he makes sure he is part of everything, both in the office and outside. Gadget has his favourite spot by the window and he’s always first at the door and say hello to visitors. 

Both dogs are owned by Company Director Chris. He says “Gizmo and Gadget make up an important part of who we are, and they really are part of the team. There’s been an increasing amount of research to suggest that dogs in the workplace reduce stress and nurture productivity. It’s certainly the case here. They make us laugh, they are always able to get a smile from you and they never get tired of showing you how much they appreciate you with a friendly wag of the tail”. 

The HPDL office is based only a stone’s throw from a huge beautiful beach at Teignmouth. The nature of our work as Product Designers means that we often need to take a break away from the computer screens and what better way to do this than by taking the dogs out for a quick walk to clear the head and see things differently. 

Chris continues “Dogs give you cheerful attention regardless of what else is going on in your life. If you are having a difficult day for whatever reason, a dog gives you unconditional love and that can’t help but make you feel better. The HPDL staff here all appreciate the presence of Gizmo and Gadget and I see how both dogs wag their tails faster and faster as they arrive at the office so I know they like being here too!”

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