Looking back upon another successful year

The HPDL ethos helps our clients develop and launch some very exciting collaborative products during 2019


This year Hillside Product Design Ltd (HPDL) were delighted to win an Excellence in Customer Service award at the Exeter Business Awards. Customer care is at the core of everything we do - our mission is for our clients to achieve business success with innovative product design, made possible by flexible, open and collaborative relationships. We know our clients feel assured of our professionalism, our honesty and our commitment to their success when they are looking for creative product design.

It is this ethos and level of customer care that has helped our clients develop and launch some very exciting and successful collaborative products during 2019. 

Our product portfolio is extremely varied and extensive. In addition to assisting our clients with New Product Development, we are often commissioned to redesign existing products. Our collaborative work with MK Test Systems, resulted in the recent launch of the game-changing ExLRT Loop & Joint Resistance Tester. The new version is significantly more compact than the current market leader and is usable in hazardous environments where there is an explosion risk. 

HPDL Director Chris Howsam says; “The challenge to design a product for use in such a hostile environment was only possible through the commitment and professionalism of all the different disciplines and businesses involved. We did our bit as did everyone else and this product is top of its class because of the excellent collaboration between the parties involved”.

The Eniscope energy management system, developed in collaboration with South-West based BEST Energy Ltd is helping to transform the energy profiles of facilities around the globe with companies such as Telefonica, 7 Eleven, IBM and CBRE. It is no idle boast that these products are saving millions of tons of CO2 every year. Hillside and BEST have collaborated very effectively to make this happen and will continue to do so. Four additional products are presently in development which will further enhance the Eniscope energy saving platform.

HPDL Director Chris Howsam says; “As designers, we have a responsibility to be mindful of the efficiency and global impact of the products we design. We take this very seriously and relish the opportunity to collaborate with companies like BEST. The Eniscope system and its supporting technologies has provided us with the opportunity to use our skills and expertise as product designers to make a tangible and well documented difference to businesses across the globe who are acting responsibly and looking to save energy by cutting their CO2 emissions.”

Let's create something great together

If you have an idea for a new product, or wish to reinvigorate an existing one, HPDL can help you make your ideas a reality, guiding you all the way through from your initial concept to a market place-ready product. Whether you're a large corporation, SME, new technology start-up, or entrepreneur we offer a complete design for manufacturing service. 

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