Fighting Fit 

The process turned a good team into a great team


All the staff at Hillside Product Design have recently completed a twelve week ‘action’ based course with a business coach. Steve Gaskell from Action Coach went through the Employee Engagement and Culture Program, or what Hillside affectionately called it, The Engage and Grow sessions, to make the business fighting fit for the future. 

The program was a series of twelve sessions, each a week apart and during which Hillside focused on who they are as a business and what they wanted their business to be. It meant everyone had the spotlight on them as individuals in turn and had to be 100% engaged to get the best from it. There is no hiding in a process like this and all supported each other to get the most from it. This enabled Hillside staff to come together as a great team with a great sense of achievement and true accomplishment. 

Building block
“I can say with confidence that it has built a powerful and cohesive culture where everyone has a role valued by themselves and each other. The process turned a good team into a great team, “said Chris Howsam, Managing Director Hillside Product Design.

Chris continued, “We have created a unique and a powerful culture where customer experience is paramount and where we all have fun and celebrate in delivering exceptional work together. For me, that is something I want to celebrate and tell the world about because I am proud of my team and I am privileged to be a part of the culture we have designed for ourselves”. 

Together with this employee Engagement and Culture Program, Hillside have also implemented far reaching operational procedures including disaster recovery, IT strategy, cyber security, financial structures, HR and staff policy reviews and have launched a new website and revealed a new corporate identity.  

Our growth
In addition to featuring the refreshed branding, the website now has a new structure which makes information easier to find. The completely re-vamped website was designed in-house to demonstrate the company’s creative abilities and satisfy its desire for a truly unique site. It offers visitors a richer insight into the company’s integrated services and shows off their extensive portfolio of experience.

In order to make a strong company into a great company, these procedures and re-branding all contribute to the continuing growth and the uninterrupted robustness of Hillside to deliver exceptional design and engineering solutions for their clients.

Chris concluded, “These moments pass all too quickly and taking a photograph preserves that moment for all of us and I hope it tells you something important about who we are and how we do things here at Hillside Product Design”.


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