Helping the young homeless this Christmas

We are raising money for Centrepoint because everyone deserves the chance to enjoy Christmas


For many years, Hillside Product Design have sent out Christmas gifts to our clients, suppliers and friends. From Christmas cards made with seeded paper, to business card holders and branded company coasters, we’ve utilised our skills in designing products to send greetings for the season.

This year, however, we are taking a different approach and asking you all to support us with giving to those less fortunate instead. Do we really need more of the same old stuff that just ends up being discarded? Or would we rather provide some practical support for those around us who really do not have anything and are facing a terrible time?

Our chosen charity is Centrepoint and we will be supporting their ‘Xmas Gifts’ initiative. We want to give a young person the chance to have Christmas in safety and warmth and enjoy a cooked dinner around the table, in the knowledge that someone, somewhere is thinking of them. 

Company Director Chris Howsam says “Christmas can be a difficult time for those people who have nothing, especially the homeless without warmth or food or friendship. It breaks my heart as a father of two to know that there are many young people facing the toughest of times alone and frightened. The offer of a warm meal in a friendly place would let them know they are not forgotten”. 

“Like many businesses at this time of year we naturally started to think about Christmas cards and stuff but the sight of young people living rough is increasingly tough to see. The staff and I thought the money would be better spent by helping those who actually need it. So, this year we are going to donate our budget to Centrepoint because it could make a positive difference.”

“I hope that our family, friends, clients, suppliers and others will join us and help make a difference by giving a few pounds. I know it would be gratefully received and it would give hope to so many young people.”

If you’d like to support Hillside Product Design’s Christmas Fundraiser for Centrepoint, you can visit our fundraising page here.

A donation of just £10 will cover the cost of a Christmas dinner, for example, but any amount you can afford you would be gratefully received.

Chris adds “Our target is to raise £1000, which would mean the equivalent to 100 young people enjoying a delicious home-cooked dinner, but obviously the more we raise, the more people we can help”. 

There are still ways you can help the cause, even if you are not able to donate at this time. By sharing this fundraiser with your own contacts, you can help to bring the good work of those at Centrepoint to the attention of more people. 

Thank you in advance for any support you can give to Centrepoint and making a difference. 

Centrepoint is a registered charity (registered charity number 292411).