The Client Consultancy Relationship

Have you worked with a product design company before, or are considering working with one in the future?


This article asks you to consider how the following elements combine to make sure the client-consultancy relationship is effective and achieves the best outcome.

Have a plan for your product design

You are both about to embark on a creative journey during which you will discover the needs and requirements of the product or service, given its intended user and environment. The aim is to provide innovative, functional, satisfying solutions using the experience and resources of both parties.

There can be a lot to manage and control within a design project so having a clear plan is vital in making sure that the end goal is met. Both parties should agree on this plan so that key stages throughout the project can be communicated effectively through project meetings and reviews.

These stages might include the processes the project needs to go through, such as concept development or 3D CAD modelling and the date and or time this process needs to be completed by. That being said, some projects can involve very complex development where realistic deadlines need to be considered.

Effective control over the project stages and deadlines will also benefit the other aspects of a product journey which might include meetings with potential investors, manufacturing or trade shows.

Share your knowledge

Good communication between the two parties will ensure that the final product is as good as it can be. Product designers are experts in design, but the client is the expert in their particular market. The client generally has valuable information that the consultancy can use to improve the design and vice versa. For example, clients will often conduct market research prior to approaching a consultancy to ensure their product idea has a market to target and sell to successfully.

For a client to share that market research with a consultancy, a full understanding of how the product will be used and who will be using it means the consultancy can return valuable information on obtaining intellectual property or certain standards the product will need to meet. Most importantly from the design point of view is that the consultancy can fully understand how they can create a product that will be a success and meet the needs of the user and the intended use.

Aim to grow

Once a client and the product design consultancy have worked together, developed a successful product and created a strong relationship it often opens the way to working together again. It creates a great basis on which to extend a client’s product range, helping both businesses to grow and improve competitiveness within the respective markets.

This is how Hillside Product Design sees the key ingredients of a successful client-consultancy relationship. If you have a similar vision, let’s start talking and improve the outlook for our existing and potential customers.

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