Pulling together

Creating working relationships that work


When a Client and Designer work together, collaboration between the two parties often provides the most fruitful outcome for the client.

At Hillside Product Design we pride ourselves on creating long lasting relationships with our clients by offering exceptional customer service. One such client is James Fuller. Owner of Cameron Fuller, a manufacturing company based in Honiton, specialising in curtain poles and curtain tracks for retailers, interior designers, contractors and curtain makers.


Working within an industry where style, functionality and seamless solutions are paramount, James had identified the need to provide flexible hardware to fit bay windows and less conventional shaped apertures.  This flexibility was mentioned in his early discussions when he approached Hillside Product Design to develop a bendable track. After meeting Chris Howsam, James was confident that Hillside would be able to progress his product idea and recognised the need for functionality without compromising quality and style.

The basic idea was to create a track that could be manually cut and bent on site to fit snuggly around a window. It would also have to be corded or manually drawn and be robust, strong and discreet.

CAD Support

Initially Hillside created a series of concepts for discussion and modification, as these were reviewed by James additional functionality and improvements were added. The product concept was refined and evolved with Hillside offering James CAD support to provide a detailed, controlled and formalised version of his concept. This allowed both parties to make amendments and adjustments. This CAD support provision together with manufacturing expertise and contacts which Hillside passed onto James, allowed for extrusion and moulding to be manufactured so that he was able to physically test the functionality of the track concept himself. In addition Hillside used prototyping to make up samples of accessories so that they could be tested in fully working test rigs and to assist James with his continued improvement and development of the system.

After having experienced first-hand the functionality and capabilities of 3D modelling software, and with continued support from Hillside, James recently invested in his own 3D modelling software. He learnt the software in collaboration with Hillside Product Design and now uses this to further improve and develop future products and accessories.

James came to Hillside with a product idea and left the process with not only an innovative product but the knowledge to move his company onto new success.

Credit and thanks for images used in this article go to Cameron Fuller. To view more information on the range of Cameron Fuller products you can visit their website .

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