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Taking charge of leadership training


When you were at school did you get a chance to learn leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills? Seadog believe that these are skills that benefit all whether you are in primary education or part of an organisation and can be nurtured using their Leaderbox system.

Seadog was formed in 2009 and since then have been producing content for broadcast on the BBC, channel 5 and Discovery Channel amongst other content. Their team has decades of experience in leadership development. Monty Halls has been delivering team and leadership training to industry, elite sports teams and schools for over 20 years. Together they have developed a product that enables schools and organisations to take charge of leadership training.

Hillside Product Design were pleased to play a part in assisting Seadog to bring their system to reality. The Leaderbox system contains items which are utilised in combination with proprietary instructions to create scenarios for leadership development. Hillside Product Design assisted in protecting these valuable assets in a protective case and foam. We also were happy to share some of our knowledge of manufacturing commercial products. Hillside Design wanted to help Leaderbox maintain their schedule and momentum towards the end goal of releasing the product. In cooperation with Seadog we were able to hit the ground running to make sure no time was lost.
The Hillside Design team were eager to be involved with this project. Several of the staff were vocal in their appreciation of the need for a system like this, wishing that they had lessons like these when they were at school. Not just for their utility and helping progress their own personal development, but because they are fun too!

The Leaderbox PRO is a system that can be used to develop a culture of leadership within an organisation. The intuitive framework of training can be administered by members of an organisation to their colleagues and be used to develop key leadership qualities. The activities are suited to all groups of people working together to improve their confidence, planning and communication skills. All of these are essential in any group situation. The Hillside Design team thought that the flexible ability of the system to be able to self-run activities at a time and location to suit an organisations day to day running would be particularly useful.

Credit and thanks for images used in this article go to Seadog Productions. To view more information on the Leaderbox you can visit their website.

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