What Can a Product Design Consultancy Do For You

Hillside Product Design offer a full agency service from initial idea all the way through to manufacture.


Hillside Product Design is a consultancy specialised in helping companies develop and engineer innovative, successful products. Our aim, as a product design consultancy, is to fulfil your needs for innovation, quality and great product design by building lasting relationships, listening to your problems, understanding them and delivering solutions that work. We have over 30 years’ experience in product design and designing those products for manufacture.

So, what are the core services Hillside Product Design can offer to help you develop a great product?

New Product Idea Conceptualisation

After reviewing a product idea we can establish if there are any obvious conflicts with intellectual property or competition. If the idea is still viable we can conduct market research to prepare mood boards which will help all parties to further visualise the market place, the trends that are developing in that market, the inspiration for styling and aesthetics and to provide examples of how the product can or should be used.

Once a foundation for the product idea has been set we use traditional methods of sketching ideas onto paper alongside sketching tablets. Both allow for rapid concept generation where ideas can be collaborated on, developed upon, or eliminated. We use a mix of traditional and rapid prototype techniques to test and explore the favoured concept’s features. We can also carry out risk assessments which help gain a full understanding of the product, construct a comprehensive design brief and define the verification documents.

After the concepts have been refined, presentation images can be produced to create a realistic vision of what we intend the product to look like. These are produced through renders in CAD or through a combination of sketching and computer editing depending on the resolution and realism required.

Product Design Development

Following the selection of a final concept we will develop that design further so that it functions and fits together in the right way. We prepare the product to the point that its components are ready and suitable for the manufacturing process that is selected. With over 30 years’ experience in successfully designing products for manufacture we know what the fundamental techniques are to ensure manufacturing is successful and cost efficient.

Product Idea Protection

We work closely with Patent Attorneys and are familiar with their methods and requirements. Our involvement includes preparing intellectual property drawings which we supply to the Patent Attorneys. This means they can clearly understand the novelty of the design and protect it so you can keep a competitive edge and a unique product or service. If you already have design protection we can undertake an intellectual property breaking meeting where we will attempt to find any loop holes in your application and help you to improve the protection further.

 Product Idea Regulation

We can also help to make sure your product meets the safety and industry standards it needs to. Some of which we can carry out in-house, such as safety testing, but in cases where we can’t we will direct you to the test houses who can. We have a great understanding of what standards are applicable for the kind of product you want to develop.

Product Design Prototype

We have an in-house workshop and a range of equipment that allows us to produce prototypes to test the functionality of your product in development. Dependant on the application and the lead time, we will use our 3D printer for fast, accurate, physical representation of the product.


In order for your product to be manufactured you will need 3D CAD files and 2D control drawings. We produce both of these to industry standards and the experience and knowledge we have means we can help and communicate with manufacturers to ensure the best possible outcome. Our experience and knowledge comes through in how closely we work with manufacturers and fully engage with the manufacturing process.

Hillside Product Design offer a full agency service from initial idea all the way through to manufacture but we are well adapted to itemise our service and assist you and your product wherever you are in the development stage. Whether you already have a sketch, concept or basic CAD data; our designers can help you to turn it into a product that can be manufactured.

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