From Graduate to Junior Designer

You never stop learning


Hi, I am Eliot, the Junior Designer at Hillside Product Design. 

Well, it is true what they say; time does fly when you’re having fun. It really does feel like yesterday, when just after graduation, I was telling friends, that I had been offered a job at an established product design consultancy. That was over a year ago, and what a rewarding year I have spent working at Hillside Product Design.

In over a year, I have seen a broad range of projects undertaken and I have worked on many of them. I have now worked on my first solo jobs for a client - under the watchful eyes of my senior designers of course! The diversity of the projects is still something that astounds me - one day I may be working on an element so small that hundreds will fit into the palm of my hand, the next on something large enough to accommodate a person!

I have not just been busy working on clients projects, last year I was asked to return to my old secondary school to be part of a careers day. Here I was able to offer words of advice and talk about my experiences to students interested in pursuing a career in design. Next year I plan on returning, this time to give a talk on design careers to students in the Sixth Form. I do believe it will be invaluable to the students, looking back I would have loved the opportunity to quiz a young professional from the product design industry, my chosen career.

I know that I chose the right career path and my position at Hillside Product Design has given me invaluable exposure to experienced and talented designers who support me learning on the job. I am being immersed daily in the challenges of a busy product design consultancy and I have been introduced to new software, new ways of thinking and proven methods of solving problems.

When I first walked in through the door on my very first day I knew that I had a lot to learn, but now I realise that this learning journey never ends. There is always something new to challenge you such as a new software, the latest material, a process or a methodology.

In this last twelve month period my confidence has grown and I feel like I have improved as a designer. I have a place in a great team in a great design consultancy and my journey has only just begun. With time I will only get better and better.

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