Product Love from our Designers for #BSW19

It’s British Science Week and we're considering what makes good #productdesign, #technology, #manufacturing and #engineering.


Working for Hillside Product Design needs creativity, an ability to innovate and a passion for product design. But what have our product designers seen outside of their work at Hillside that has caught their creative eyes?

We asked them to come up with a favourite product they couldn’t be without. Here’s the result:

1. Salomon Quicklace

These can be found on my Salomon Speedcross trail running shoes, which are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. The shoe uses a kevlar braded loop instead of a lace which means that the user only has to squeeze and slide the small toggle part to tighten the loop. Similarly to remove the user only has to squeeze and pull the toggle. This is all achieved with none of the problems that traditional laces has. The quicklace has never required re-lacing. It does not need to be re-tightened. Lacing applies an even pressure to the foot. And the laces have never broken.

2. The Karcher Window Vac

This is a really effective and portable device which offers an innovative solution to the problem of condensation in my home. The vac has a powerful motor that manages to remove the moisture without leaving streaks but is quiet to use and recharges in just 2 hours. It’s lightweight and extremely easy to use. It’s also surprising how very satisfying seeing the moisture just disappear off the windows in seconds is. A great product. 

3. Sennheiser Momentum wireless Headphones

My favourite product that I use every day would have to be my new headphones that I received as a gift for Christmas. I can connect them to my trusty IPod classic using an auxiliary lead or connect it to my phone using Bluetooth. They help me to relax before and after work and also help me to focus, I can get lost in my music or a podcast and not hear anything else.

4. SONOS wireless speakers

I love my wireless Sonos speakers at home and couldn’t be without them. The sound quality is incredibly clear and the speakers themselves look really stylish. I always like to have music on and I can stream pretty much any song I like to any room in my house.  Although this works for my young children too and we end up listening to Baby Shark and the Greatest Showman soundtrack… a lot!


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