Disinfectant Spray Bottle

Disinfectant Spray Bottle - Image 1 Disinfectant Spray Bottle - Image 2

CLIENT: Spray Bottle Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Bioprocessing Products

The client had patented a method of mixing disinfectant at the correct concentrations in 500ml squeeze lever spray bottles by using a single dose cartridge inserted into the bottle neck after filling with water and before refitting the pump assembly. The cartridges were proving very popular in surgeries that were testing it because the concentrated disinfectant never came into contact with skin and the concentration was assured if the process was done correctly. 

Hillside Product Design was commissioned to design and develop a blow moulded bottle which would store two cartridges for convenience and which would give the user a well-balanced and comfortable product. We prepared a sketch book of ideas and after review and further development a single concept was developed into 3D CAD. From this a prototype was made and this was tested for balance and comfort. Production tooling was made directly from 3D CAD data and 2D control drawings and Hillside Design managed the sourcing, toolmaking, testing and production of this.

The client had been presented with 3D renderings and animations of the concept during development and Hillside Product Design were asked to suggest other uses for their CAD work. This ultimately led to Hillside Design being commissioned to prepare an animation showing the mixing of the disinfectant and its use on many of the surfaces in a modern surgery, work area and reception. We were also able to render photo accurate images to show product labels, cartridge holder and several marketing documents to be used at the trade show launch for much less cost than a professional photographer to take the equivalent photographs.