Anti-Vandal Roadside Cabinet

Anti-Vandal Roadside Cabinet - Image 1 Anti-Vandal Roadside Cabinet - Image 2

CLIENT: Automated Traffic Data Collection Supplier

INDUSTRY: Roadside Equipment

The client is a world leader in the field of automated traffic data collection. The brief was to design a vandal resistant roadside cabinet with reduced visual and environmental impact and which met stringent approvals. 

A major consideration when designing equipment for use at the roadside is understanding the extremes of the environment and the inherent risks to personnel from traffic and installation methods. The cabinet was designed to accommodate many different configurations of data collection equipment and particular attention to cable routing and management was needed. In some configurations the cabinet would be used with antenna arrays and traffic monitoring cameras on top of masts. 

The brief also included liaising with the OEM of the masts to design various mountings for these arrays within the technical constraints of the performance of the antenna/cameras and the need to connect equipment in single lengths of cable to maintain signal strength. The project required a great deal of innovative design to separate current carrying wires from signal wires and achieve a readily accessible configuration that allowed any item to be quickly and easily replaced with minimal equipment downtime and operator risk. The cabinet incorporated innovative design details to prevent rodents and insects making the cabinet their home. 

The design was developed from sketches into 3D CAD. Prototypes were manufactured from CAD data and control drawings and underwent an extensive testing programme. The components and assemblies were finalised and manufacturing drawings for each component and schematics for assembly and cable routing were prepared on CAD.