Tracking Device

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CLIENT: Information Technology and Services Company

INDUSTRY: Health & Security

The product is an ankle-worn tracking device used to track the whereabouts of at-risk individuals such as temporary-release prisoners and secure mental health patients when escorted outside their hospital. The product constantly signals to a monitoring centre the precise location of the wearer through a three way tracking system.  The Tracker features anti-tamper systems to alert the monitoring centre that the wearer has attempted to remove it.

The product needed to address the ergonomic issues posed by the fitter/remover and the user wearing an electronic device for long periods of time, by someone who would generally be hostile to wearing it. As well as anti-tamper features already mentioned, the product had to use suitable hypo-allergenic materials as it could be in constant contact with the wearer’s skin. It needed to be as compact and low profile as possible for comfort, and robust enough to avoid damage if it was accidentally or deliberately struck against something. It also needed to be fully waterproof to allow the wearer to bathe or swim.

Hillside Design worked with the client to develop the product from the first concept sketch through extensive prototype development and through to full production and approvals. This also included the preparation of step by step guides for assembly and product testing and also for fitting and removal and charging. The product range includes the Tracker, an extensive range of strap sizes, chargers for both on the wearer and off the wearer and an electronic release key.

The product has been very well received and has featured in the media. There are numerous successful activations and recoveries now reported and the tracker is being increasingly adopted by both domestic and international justice authorities.