Lockable Box

Lockable Box Product - Image 1 Lockable-Box-Product-Image-2

CLIENT: Homeware Product Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Homeware

Design concept
In this instance the client approached Hillside Product Design with an idea that was conceived from  personal experience when living in a shared house. The brief was to design a lockable box that was suitable to contain food and fit into a fridge and that would deter people from getting access to  the food inside.

Innovative solution 
It was to be sold as a consumer product on the high street. From past experience Hillside Product Design realised that the main issues effecting the development of this project were to achieve a design that could be manufactured, packaged and shipped in an economical way. It could not be shipped in its assembled state as individual units would be too large.

The solution to this was to have the product assembled as a series of simple to fit together parts whilst still keeping the total number of different parts to a minimum. This was achieved with careful consideration of geometry enabling two of the same box half mouldings to combine a way that  created the outer case of the product. This approach reduced the tooling cost for the client.

The response
The result was an award winning, structural, aesthetically pleasing product that was commercially viable for manufacture, shipping and shelf display in leading high street shops.

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