LED Wristband

Xyloband Wristband 2016 Image 1| Hillside Design Coldplay Wristband 2016 Image 2| Hillside Product Design Xyloband Wristband 2016 Image 3| Hillside Design Coldplay Wristband 2016 Image 4| Hillside Design

CLIENT: Concert Product Systems Manufacturer


The success of the original Xylobands for Coldplay during their 2012 XyloMyloto album tour, along with their use at many other events, firmly established the use of LED wristbands as a way of directly involving the audience in an event. When Coldplay launched their latest album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ they asked Regler Limited to develop a new and improved LED wristband to use during their planned world tour. Coldplay required several iterations of wristband, some branded for the album tour, some branded for their headlining performance at Glastonbury and some built with an integral speaker to play a short piece of music during a key part of the album tour.

Product development
Hillside Product Design were commissioned to assist in designing, developing and manufacturing these new Xylobands. As the show dates are fixed in advance the timeline is critical. Hillside worked closely with the client, their strategic partners and suppliers to schedule everything accurately before any design work began. Failure to deliver was not an option.

We worked side by side with the electronic designer to agree a concept design. This was developed jointly by using working prototypes to achieve approval from the client and culminated in a live audio test for Coldplay. 

During manufacture, Hillside visited the suppliers several times to establish best working practices and agree acceptable quality levels. We also supported the suppliers with regular skype calls and provided 24/7 availability during the initial production to assist with any questions.

A great achievement
When a client and their design team are committed to a project they can achieve great things. This project deserves its story being told in much greater detail but that is for another time. Tight deadlines, tough cost constraints and the high expectation of the customer made this a demanding project. It was an amazing time for Hillside Product Design and once again we showed the world what a dedicated team of experienced professional product designers could achieve.