LED Concert Wristband

CLIENT: Concert Product Manufacturer


In 2011 Hillside Product Design were approached with an idea for a wristband of LEDs to be worn at concerts and which would flash in time to the music by remote radio control from the sound desk. The client had been in contact with the popular rock band Coldplay who tour internationally at stadium size venues. The band wanted to know if they could have the wristbands to launch their new album XyloMyloto. This was to be followed by a UK tour and a world tour with over 80 concerts planned, which would require in excess of 2 million wristbands. Several meetings were held with the client to develop a plan which had Hillside Design responsible for the mechanical design and hardware productionisation. Our client acted as the project manager and controlled the development of the electronics and software.  

A project of this scale had many challenges. The driving factor for this project was to ensure products were ready to be delivered for use on the tour. To achieve this the entire design team pulled together to achieve the time schedule required by the client. The implementation of the project was carried out quickly as activities critical to its progression were concentrated on. 

To achieve a working product for the first date of the tour, wristbands were prepared that had a pre- programmed decrementing countdown to initiate a pre-set light show synched to the concert music/timeline. This worked superbly on the night. This strategy fixed the idea of Xylobands with the fans and Coldplay and created a storm of media attention which included Hillside Product Design being officially thanked in the rolling credits of the full show rebroadcast on Youtube.

The  wristbands were further developed into being radio controlled and were used in this form throughout the remainder of the album tour. The Xylobands as they have come to be known have gone on to be used in their millions at large events such as the Paralympic games, X Factor finals, stadium concerts and private parties. This was an amazing time for Hillside Product Design and we showed the world what a dedicated team of experienced professional designers could achieve in almost impossible timescales. 

Work with the client is still continuing as we develop new and exciting products including hand held remote controllers, globes, beachballs and lanyards. Xylobands are available through our client Regler Limited.