Low Energy 360° Light Tube

Low Energy 360° Light Tube - Image 1 Low Energy 360° Light Tube - Image 2

CLIENT: Lighting Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Lighting

A long standing Hillside Product Design client required a means of providing diffused lighting, its primary use was to be backlighting for exhibition displays. However as the concept progressed it was clear that its design was very versatile and that there were many other applications where it could be used to great effect. 

This product had several criteria that it needed to achieve. The challenge was to provide a 360 degree light source that would run at 12V, have bright diffused light, robust, water resistant and be very light and easy to handle. 

Of all the solutions required to achieve the final product the most important was that used to get the 360 degree spread of light. This solution inspired a new method of utilizing new LED technology that was patented by the client. This avoided having to include the proprietary electronic ballast used in traditional fluorescent tube lighting. Also vital to product was its diffusion of the LED light source. Careful research and testing were undertaken to make sure that the quality of light given off was diffused whilst maintaining the maximum brightness possible.

Once this key functionality had been achieved Hillside Product Design concentrated on making the product as user friendly as possible with a series of accessories which allowed the lighting unit to become quick and easy to fit into a wide range of different applications.