Tracking Wristband

CLIENT: Information Technology and Services Company

INDUSTRY: Health & Security

The client is a technology company whose products include those used for monitoring at-risk people such as those who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. The client contacted Hillside Product Design asking to develop their existing Wristband Tracker product. Their new product required a waterproof electronics module with an elastomer wristband and a charging station. This device would show an at-risk person’s location if they were to go missing.

Hillside Product Design worked to encapsulate the electronics in a compact water resistant module, designed to fit into a comfortable and unobtrusive silicone wristband. The electronics module has an internal lithium battery which requires periodic charging; HPDL considered and prototyped a method of charging the wristband whilst on the wrist by using a clip on charger. This helps assist the safety of the wearer as they will be less likely to forget to put their wristband back on without the tracker module. The new charger is easy to attach, and is comfortable when in place to discourage the user from prematurely removing it. The charger is designed to securely clamp around the wristband module to achieve a secure and reliable electrical connection. 

These design features were achieved for the client in tandem with cost engineering the product to provide a substantial saving on manufacturing compared to their previous product.