Tracking Clip

CLIENT: Information Technology and Services Company

INDUSTRY: Health & Security

The client is a technology company whose products include those used for monitoring at-risk people such as the elderly who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. The client contacted Hillside Design to assist with designing a new monitoring system consisting of a charging station, wristband and a “Clip”. Hillside Design was asked to provide support for the development of the Clip. The Clip is worn by the at-risk person and acts as a link to the outside world via its internal mobile phone technology. The whole system allows the wearer to signal their distress and precise location with the press of a button on the Clip or on their wristband. This raises an alarm at a remote monitoring centre who then take appropriate action. The system gives the wearer more confidence and helps them to maintain their independence whilst providing peace of mind for family and carers.

The client had developed the system concept to an advanced level and now needed external support to help it develop the clip to a fully working design. This required development through several prototype stages and ongoing collaboration with the electronics designers to meet the demands of the complex radio arrangement and the development of a flexible circuit link between the two moving halves. Hillside Design ensured that the clipping action suited users with limited grip strength and dexterity while maintaining its correct functionality for electrical charging and alignment on the charger. Hillside Design concluded their support by arranging high quality’ cosmetically correct and fully operational prototypes to confirm the design before committing to manufacture. 

The project required Hillside Design to pick up a concept that was part developed and to continue the development of that concept without departing from the intent of the original concept or its appearance. Hillside Design engineered a solution that was faithful to the original concept and delighted the client.