Display Stand

CLIENT: Hillside Product Design

INDUSTRY: Exhibitions

The Display Stand was designed and manufactured in-house by Hillside Product Design to exhibit a range of products we have designed for a client. The client is a manufacturer of electronic test equipment for aerospace, rail and defence vehicles.

Keeping it local
We are proud to have worked alongside a great UK based company to develop an excellent range of products for manufacture here in the UK. After such a successful collaboration and product launch we wanted to display the product range in a way which showcases the quality and innovation.

Design approach
We used 3D CAD to design and refine the layout and assembly of the Display Stand. This also enabled us to export the files for in-house rapid prototype components for testing and development. This was primarily used to develop how the products are supported in place, using accurately controlled geometry and tolerances. The design required the parts to be held securely through gravity alone yet be accessible for removal.

To manufacture the Display Stand a range of in-house processes were utilised. CNC machining was used to make the panels and a tool for vacuum forming the base surround. CNC was also used to trim excess and cut the panel slot in the vacuum forming. All the brackets which hold the structure together were created using our in-house 3D printer. Having everything under one roof enabled us to fast track the concept in a very short lead time resulting in a display in less than a week.