Modular Electric Fence Energiser

CLIENT: Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Agricultural Equipment

Hillside Design was approached by a longstanding client in the agricultural industry with a brief to design a new electric fence energiser. The new design needed to be modular and versatile in order to build multiple product configurations given that no two agricultural plots are ever the same.


The assembly concept for the product had a base module that held all of the electronics that locked into cover mouldings of various sizes used to house various power supplies. The design had to allow for various power supply scenarios including 2x D Cells, lantern battery and solar panel charging. The product also needed to be capable of being mounted in a number of different ways. Mounting on four ground stake varieties was required as well as features for wall or post mounting. A method for hanging on fence wires, a handle pocket and a feature to allow the solar panel to slot in was also required in the top of the cover casings. All of these different criteria shaped a design which had to be capable of performing lots of different jobs and required careful design to ensure it could be achieved within the mouldings. 

The project began with a stage of sketching to work out the assembly before moving on to 3D CAD modelling. The client was involved in the process frequently, with regular reviews and feedback given to progress the project and establish the design. Prototypes were then made using Hillside’s in-house 3D printing facilities. Following feedback from the client, modifications were made and a second prototype was ordered to facilitate sign-off of the design. 2D production drawings were then issued to the client and their supplier and the parts are now in production.