CLIENT: Television Production Company

INDUSTRY: Television Broadcasting

The client for this project is an independent television and commercial production company formed in 2009. Since then they have been producing content for broadcast on the BBC, channel 5 and Discovery Channel amongst other content. Their team has decades of experience in leadership development. Hillside Product Design was pleased to be asked to assist in bringing their Leaderbox system to reality. The system contains items which are utilized in combination with proprietary instructions to create scenarios for leadership development. The scenarios have many different opportunities for use including developing a culture of leadership within a business organisation, or in school classrooms to give all children access to leadership training skills. The intuitive framework of training can be administered by members of an organisation to their colleagues or by teachers in a classroom. The valuable parts contained within the system needed to be protected by a case and bespoke foam.

Hillside design worked in collaboration with the client to design and prototype a customised protective foam interior that would accommodate the hardware required for their system. Modifications were made to the prototype after testing to finalise the internal foam layout. Hillside Design provided the client with a foam specification which was easily understood and implementable by the clients chosen commercial foam fabrication company. These assembly instructions enabled the client to take over communications with the manufacturer. Hillside Design also shared some of our knowledge of manufacturing commercial products and finishing processes to help with the logistics of applying the clients carefully considered branding. A tight schedule was maintained throughout the project in cooperation with the client to make sure no time was lost.

The Hillside Design team were eager to be involved with this project. Several of the staff were vocal in their appreciation of the need for a system like this, wishing that they had lessons like these when they were at school. Not just for their utility and helping progress their own personal development, but because they are fun too!