Thermal Image Camera and Controller

CLIENT: Camera Technology Specialists

INDUSTRY: Emergency Services

This is a range of thermal imaging cameras and their controllers for use by emergency and security services in search-and-rescue and surveillance applications. The cameras and data links are worn on the body or UAV (Unmanned-Aerial-Vehicle) mounted.

The primary requirements are to be robust, lightweight, compact and to meet a minimum of IP67 for ingress protection for use in harsh and hazardous environments. The client also required limited volumes of the product which made injection moulding techniques too costly. The solution therefore was to CNC machine the casings for all elements in the range. This enabled us to easily incorporate a threaded mounting socket.

One camera version incorporates a three button keymat on the side. The three button keymat was utilised as a pair to create a six button keypad on the remote controller which resulted in a significant cost saving.

The range includes a remote controller and data transceiver/controller module. We designed an inline power regulating connector. A small injection moulding tool was made to manually overmould plastic around the PCB and male/female connector bodies to ensure these parts meet the same performance requirements as the other elements in the range.

Hillside Product Design developed each product using 3D CAD, and worked with the client at every stage to prepare and evaluate prototypes. These prototypes were vital in resolving issues with EMC, signal and power wire routing, ingress protection, product assembly and overcoming operational issues such as those caused by mass and centres of gravity on UAVs.

Hillside Product Design provided the client with a full set of manufacturing data and monitored component manufacturing up to sign off.