SOS603 Rescue line Container

CLIENT: Life saving & fire safety equipment specialists

INDUSTRY: Engineering

The client is a manufacturer of rugged, fire-fighting equipment and maritime safety equipment containers for the offshore energy and commercial marine sectors. They saw a commercial opportunity for a Rescue Line Container which would be either mounted to a board or wall, or to one of their proprietary floor mounted poles. The container is designed to house a throw-bag and rope which can be used to recover people in trouble on or in water. The client already had an existing concept, which dictated the overall dimensions, basic construction of the unit, its features and the fact it was designed to be rotational moulded. Hillside Product Design was approached to progress the project using this specification as a basis.

The main reason Hillside Design was asked to work on this project was that the client felt that their initial concept required some styling flair. HPDL started off by producing several different sketch concepts, these were then shortlisted internally and a selection of four concepts were presented to the client as basic 2D rendered images. Out of these 4 concepts the client selected their preferred design to be developed into a concept suitable to obtain detailed quotations from manufacturers.

HPDL worked very closely with the clients nominated manufacturers to make the chosen design suitable for manufacture. Once the design was agreed on by all parties involved a large sectional 3D printed prototype of the lower half of the design was commissioned. This was done to prove the design functioned correctly before the client committed to tooling.