Adjustable Cable Reel

CLIENT: High End Audio Cable Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: High End Audio Equipment

The client manufactures and distributes high end audio cable. They used several reel solutions to distribute cable for use at gigs, studios and shows where the cables are typically laid down to suit each venue. The client was looking for a more versatile solution to their existing reel and which would require only minimal assembly.

The challenge was identified to design a cable reel made up of two identical halves that clip lock together. In addition to this the client also wanted the reel to create two different widths of spool to give them the versatility of winding on different lengths and diameters of cable. The main benefit of this being that the client only needed to tool and stock a single reel part to cover their entire reel requirement. 

The design process started as a sketchbook to refine initial thoughts. These progressed to simple card models and then into 3D CAD development where each iteration refined the design for manufacture. A key consideration in this refinement was to ensure the cable would wrap onto a continuous centre core and that the clip lock would be robust enough to cope with rough handling by the riggers and engineers on site.  The clip lock was configured in such a way that the wrapping of the cable onto the centre core increased the locking together of the clips. 

HPDL issued a full manufacturing package of data and control drawings and liaised with the toolmaker during tool trials and sign off for production.