Chin Switch

CLIENT: Electronic Assistive Technology Company

INDUSTRY: Assistive Living

The client is considered a market leader in providing assistive technology. That is technology to enhance the quality of life for people who may be unable to do the simplest of tasks without relying on others.  A good example would be answering the door, turning on a light or the TV.  The client has a broad range of solutions to offer and wanted to fill a gap in their range for a simple switch that could be worn around the user’s neck and operated by their chin.

The client had developed a chin switch and gone on to establish a marketplace, but its method of manufacture was only suited to lower quantities and resulted in a high product cost. The client was confident in there being a market for a chin switch and asked HPDL to redesign the switch as an injection moulded product. At the same time HPDL were asked to improve several other aspects of the product and its assembly and to consider cosmetic treatments such as a carbon fibre effect. 

HPDL quickly refined the design into injection moulded parts and demonstrated the various improvements by preparing fully working prototypes for testing. HPDL then prepared 3D CAD files and 2D control drawings and completed a supplier sourcing programme to find a suitable partner. HPDL worked with the supplier to design the mould tools and to oversee tool sampling before signing off for production.