Wireless Table Menu

CLIENT: Global Mobile Marketing Company

INDUSTRY: Electronic Marketing

The client is a global mobile marketing company and they approached Hillside Design with a concept for a digital wireless tabletop menu for restaurants. The tabletop device required two full colour touch screen displays and wi-fi connection to the restaurants IT system. The restaurant would have the benefit of offering up to date menus/specials and the data from customer orders would inform stock control and prepare the customer’s bill. The customer would be able to interact and communicate with the restaurant and would receive direct messaging and marketing messages from paid for sponsors in between on-screen presentations relating to the venue.

The client had recently completed the development of their software and had a full product specification. After shortlisting and interviewing several companies the client asked Hillside to partner with a high-tech manufacturer of interactive touch panel products to develop the product. Both companies were briefed and were able to build and refine a breadboard development kit which would become the internals of the product.

The client had suggestions for the appearance of the product and Hillside prepared several concept designs as sketches and then 3D CAD models and 3D printed blocks. These were refined to the final design through a number of site tests with fully working prototypes and listening to user feedback. 

Hillside Design prepared full manufacturing specifications for parts and assemblies and supported the manufacturing partner with CAD files, control drawings and product build instructions. The client applied for a patent and at this time the product is offered for sale in the USA.