LED-lit Shower Enclosure

CLIENT: Shower Enclosure Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Bathroom products

The client is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of showering enclosures. Their product range serves the premium sector of the market, appealing to customers who want high quality, aesthetically pleasing shower enclosures in keeping with contemporary interior design trends.

The client wished to develop a new and innovative product to showcase their high quality shower glass. HPDL reviewed the premium shower enclosure market and presented conclusions and potential new concepts to the client. The innovation which the client chose to develop was integrated illumination. 

HPDL researched and, developed the project to focus on several areas that were particularly important. These were the accommodation of safety requirements, especially in the presence of water. Reducing power requirements as much as possible to use less electricity, whilst still producing the correct level of brightness. Illumination had to achieve an optimum level of diffusion, a uniform glow which was key to the clients requirement. The product also had to be easy to assemble and have compatibility with different size shower enclosures.    

Ultimately the client wanted the illumination to produce an ambient glow which emphasised the quality of the glass. In addition it would also be bright enough for users whilst they were visiting the bathroom during the night or to provide a pleasing effect which was not too harsh but allowed them to see what they were doing. 

HPDL incorporated a PIR sensor and electronics into the enclosure so the user would get the convenience of not having to find a switch and users would be welcomed into the bathroom with an automatic light. HPDL prepared manufacturing drawings for all the parts and then the client completed development of the product for launch.