Monitoring Wristband

CLIENT: Information Technology and Services Company

INDUSTRY: Health and Security

The client is a technology company whose products include those used for monitoring at-risk people such as those who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. The final design is a small, waterproof enclosure with a clip-on charger that securely locks over the wristband module. The product can be connected to the user’s smart phone via Bluetooth or to the WIFI in their home. The product detects falls automatically and the built-in panic buttons enable the wearer to easily call for help. 

The client contacted Hillside Product Design asking to assist them in developing the new wristband project with them. Hillside was asked to design a smart looking robust and waterproof enclosure with integral buttons to house the clients brand new PCB. Hillside worked closely with the clients’ electronics engineers as they developed the PCB to ensure that both the PCB and case design kept pace with each other to make sure that the development of the product went as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Hillside was also tasked with designing a charger that would work with the wristband both on and off the user’s wrist. The charger would need to be easy to attach and resist being accidentally displaced if knocked. After extensive ergonomic trials the charger was designed to slip under the main body and be secured in place with a flip over cradle secured by high power magnets. 

The design of the wristband enclosure and the charger were evaluated multiple times during development using a mix of inhouse and specialist bureau 3D printed prototypes culminating in sign off prototypes completed prior to committing to full tooling. Hillside Product Design worked closely with the client to appoint a manufacturing partner and to then work with that partner through the tool design, tool build and sampling stages. The parts were made to the highest standard achievable and the client is delighted with the high-quality product.