Monitor Mounting Bracket

CLIENT: Lightweight Exhibition Systems Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Exhibitions

The client is a well-known UK designer and manufacturer of lightweight exhibition systems. The design brief was to enable the assembly of an array of LED monitor screens to the clients existing aluminium and plastic framework system. The solution needed to be quick and simple product for the user to fit and remove, it needed to firmly grip the frame, and to be adjustable in length as well as strong and robust. It also had to enable back-to -back LED monitor walls to be fabricated and that no on site tools and other equipment could be used in locating or fitting the bracket. Built into the design was the ability to change the mounting plates to fit any LED monitor. 

A small batch of products were made as proof of concept using a design that was suited to be made by a UK based metal fabricator. This batch of products went on to be successfully tested in a display build.

Based on this proof of concept the client wished to develop the design further to achieve the same functionality but improve features to make it as user friendly as possible. The development of the product allowed HPDL to work closely with the client to make sure that all their requirements and instructions were incorporated into the novel design. 

HPDL used in-house 3D printing and laser cutting to make parts that would be injection moulded in future production. The prototypes were once again tested in the field and put through real-life use. This way the client was able to return with important advice for improvements which they had ascertained first hand. 

HPDL and the client were in regular contact to review the status of the project and make sure that feedback from testing was incorporated. Once all learning from tests was understood HPDL completed the design for production. This provided the Clients preferred manufacturer with all of the information that they would need to understand and manufacture the product. Because communication was also  maintained with the manufacturer during the project this helped to ensure that the design could be handed over with relative ease. 

A few weeks later HPDL and the client reviewed initial samples of production parts from the manufacturer. Continuous communication and a clear specification had allowed the first sample to achieve nearly all the requirements needed for a fully realised production product. Together with the client advice for making improvements such as surface finish and texture was compiled and discussed with the manufacturer to complete the project.