Dual Winch

CLIENT: Technology Company

INDUSTRY: Materials Fabrication

The client is a technology company who had been unable to find a service to design and manufacture a winding device for them. Another client of ours had heard of the problem and suggested Hillside through a shared contact of theirs. This ultimately led to Hillside meeting with the new potential client. We learnt that the current winding process required substantial physical effort by at least two operatives working as a team and that the repetition of this process was tiring and could lead to mistakes. We could see that the process needed to be mechanised and we made a hand sketched concept to make the winding controllable and safe. This sketch provided the quickest means of visualising a solution, and also as a way to gain feedback from the client. 

The concept was then developed as a 3D CAD concept and after being approved in principle by the client we prepared manufacturing specifications and arranged immediate production of parts. Sheet metal parts were laser cut, folded and welded, other metal and plastic parts were machined from stock using a mixture of in house and subcontract services. Final assembly and winding tests were done in house at Hillside. 

The new winding device overcame the resistance building up during the winding process and the mechanical advantage and safety interlocks provided by this mechanism made the operation controllable and safer.  Hillside Product Designs unique set of skills meant that we were able to understand the problem, see the solution and implement it all under one roof.

The new winding system was delivered with accompanying instructional video and installation guide for integrating into the client’s production line.