Dog Feeding Station

CLIENT: Private Inventor

INDUSTRY: Pet Products

The client is a private inventor who wanted to develop an adjustable height dog feeding station product to suit different sizes of dogs. The product would become a new business venture for the client and in a fairly crowded market place the product had to be unique, functional and appealing to dog owners. Hillside Product Design worked closely with the client in the discovery stage to agree a sizing range which would suit the largest market opportunity based on their reasearch.

A series of sketch concepts were prepared, one of these was based on wood. The character of the wood and its ease of manufacture was liked by the client who then asked Hillside Design to develop the design in such a way that they could manufacture the product themselves. The client had a workshop and they were confident they could integrate new machinery along with accompanying health and safety requirements. 

Hillside Design carried out a detailed costings exercise looking at scalability of the manufacturing and optimising parts yield from standard stock materials. The client and Hillside were able to further reduce costs by turning the design into an all wooden construction with parts manufactured from CNC cut plywood. The client then installed a CNC router into their workshop. Hillsides experience in operating CNC machines proved very useful to the client as Hillside developed the 3D data and cutting paths so that the client could manufacture and assemble all of the component parts in house. Hillside supported the client during this learning process. The support from Hillside Design has enabled the client to start a new business in which they have total control of their product from design to delivery.