Mains Energiser

CLIENT: Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Agricultural Equipment

The client is a long-established manufacturer of agricultural products who tasked us with designing an enclosure for a new mains-powered energiser product. Energisers are used to electrify fenced enclosures for livestock.

The new product would be available with several levels of functionality, and this would be achieved by different internal component configurations. Some of these components are large and others are heavy. It was important to maximise economy of space to keep the overall dimensions of the product as compact as possible. It was also important to securely mount heavy components to withstand jolts and drops during transportation and installation. The design team carefully planned the internal arrangement to minimise internal volume whilst being compliant with clearances needed for a mains powered device of this classification. The enclosure design incorporated a “change plate” within the tooling to facilitate different aperture configurations of displays, buttons, and LEDs. The change plate not only accommodated planned product configurations but provided a low cost method of future proofing product versions without having to make a new tool.

During the project Hillside Design prepared working prototypes to assess the cosmetic and practical aspects of the case design. Prototypes were used to evaluate assembly and wiring with assembly line personnel. This feedback informed changes to the design which resulted in a product which is both easy and quick to assemble. A pre-production prototype was commissioned as a sign off before starting injection moulding tooling.

Hillside Design maintained a close working relationship with the manufacturing partners during the pre production stage of development. Production data was issued to the toolmaker/moulder and throughout this period Hillside Design maintained its support. Our pro active approach resulted in a right first time sample review allowing the client to sign off almost immediately.