Industrial Window Cleaning Box

CLIENT: Window Cleaning Company

INDUSTRY: Industrial Window Cleaning

An existing client approached us with the requirement for a robust cabinet that would be suitable for use outdoors in an environment where there is often moisture and detergent to endure. It was to be used to house equipment required for industrial window cleaning. The cabinet needed to able to directly mount to a rotationally moulded water tank. It was also necessary for the user to be able to open the cabinet to gain easy access for maintenance to internal parts but the cabinet still needed to be lockable. 

The cabinet had a maximum permissible size. Hillside Product Design were required to make sure the internal arrangement could cope with all possible permutations of the range of cleaning equipment and connecting hoses that could fit inside. Because the product would be used for industrial window cleaning it had to be very robust. This meant both structurally strong and also able to resist corrosion from environmental conditions. In addition to this the whole cabinet had to open up to allow for maintenance and change-out of large internal components. The door used for inspection was required to open in such a way that it could not damage the components mounted within it even if the door was left to fall unassisted by the user.

All possible internal arrangements of components were considered using 3D visualisation before production. This meant that even in the small amount of space each part could comfortably fit and its connecting hose was easily accommodated. Material choice provided the correct balance of strength and weight saving necessary. Fabrication methods used to assemble the cabinet allowed strength to be added with the use of carefully considered bends. The door of the cabinet was made safe by adding some hatch stays to ensure that if the door was opened unassisted it would slowly descend rather than fall open.

The result was an equipment cabinet that was able to be attached to a large rotationally moulded water tank which could cope with harsh environmental conditions, accommodate all required components, and allow for safe maintenance to be carried out.