Roadside Equipment

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CLIENT: Automated Traffic Data Collection Supplier

INDUSTRY: Roadside Equipment

The client is a world leader in the field of automated traffic data collection. The brief was to design a vandal resistant roadside cabinet with reduced visual and environmental impact and which met stringent approvals. The cabinet was required to accommodate many different configurations of data collection equipment and particular attention to cable routing and management was needed.

A major consideration when designing equipment for use at the roadside is understanding the extremes of the environment and the inherent risks to personnel from traffic and installation methods. The cabinet could be used in locations where power was unavailable and in this situation the equipment would have to be solar powered. In locations where power was available Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras would normally be specified. The client specified that the cabinet should have an integral pole which could be used to mount either a solar panel or antenna or up to four ANPR cameras. It was important that this equipment was out of reach yet easily accessible to service personnel. 

The project involved extensive liaison with other specialist service providers and consultants. The cabinet was designed with a hinged lid which could be swung down using a counterbalance tool. The cabinet incorporated innovative design details to prevent rodents and insects making the cabinet their home. The design of the cabinet and pole fittings was developed from sketches into 3D CAD. A significant amount of effort was devoted to cost engineering. The parts were manufactured from CAD data and control drawings and underwent an extensive testing programme.