Trampoline Ladder

CLIENT: Private Inventor

INDUSTRY: Trampolines

The client is a private inventor who wanted to develop a trampoline ladder that is easy to climb up and down. They wanted fabric ladder rungs so children could comfortably use it without shoes. The client saw this as a unique selling point compared to the normal metal or plastic rungs on trampoline ladders. 

The new ladder was required to retrofit to existing trampolines, and its separate parts needed to be small enough to fit within a standard parcel size for shipping and for storage when not in use. When assembled the structure needed to be strong and sturdy to be used as a safe method of entry/exit for a range of different trampolines.

The client had a very clear idea and needed a concept to start their journey towards a commercial product. Hillside Design prepared a 3D design that met the requirements of the specification and incorporated the correct balance of material strength, tolerances, fits, fasteners as well as knowledge of manufacturing processes involved such as tube bending, cutting and swaging. The concept design was completed with images and part drawings prepared. This data was suitable for the client to develop their intellectual property as well as instructing their manufacturer to make prototypes. The prototypes allowed the client to cost the product and complete the development with the manufacturing partner and has launched the trampoline ladder using Amazon.